Thursday, February 19, 2009

Number One

Trying to get this into shape. I found from doing a blog ( for a few years that I have many interests that I want to write about. What I have found from this experience is that I don't think a non-famous person can have a blog if said blog is all over the universe with topics and hope for that blog to have any sort of popularity and regular readership. Write about politics a few times and then technology a few times and the person coming back to the blog for the politics has technology all in their face.

What I think I have learned is that a non-famous person's blog needs to be specific about one topic. Hopefully a topic with passion behind it. I've decided to start this blog about travel. I think about travel every day. At some point the name of this blog will change ... and the layout will change ... and links will be added ... etc., but for now I am getting this started with the bearest of layout and my desire to blog about travel firmly in place.

I hope to blog about a few things. When I read an article online or in a newspaper's travel section I want to comment on it, "why would anyone want to go there" or "I would love to go there ... how much will it cost". I may be thinking about going somewhere and will use this blog to layout potential travel plans and costs. When I see emails promoting travel deals I may reflect on them here, is it a good deal, is the deal still available, etc. You get the idea. I'm sure what I write about will evolve. I also hope to have helpful links so that this is the place I would want to go to start my travel research, and hopefully others will follow.

Happy traveling!

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