Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hong Kong has gotten a little cheaper

Bored during lunch today so I looked up prices for a Hong Kong trip
leaving LAX on July 19th (July 20th arrival in HK) and leaving July
24th. Using I could see that hotel prices are down $50-$100
compared to six months ago. The price I like the most is $139 (plus
taxes) a night at The Langham in Kowloon (Tsim Sha Tsui). This is a
very nice hotel. On the cheaper side of things the BP International
Hotel has rooms starting at $67 (plus taxes).

Looking for flights I first went to and the cheapest flight was China Air for just over $700 (taxes included), but it gets in late at night. I don't like that for two reasons. The first is that
you're wasting the cost of one night at the hotel by getting in so
late. Get to the hotel and go to bed (if you can fall asleep), which
leads to the second reason why I don't like to arrive late at night
when flying to Asia. I probably won't be able to fall asleep. When I
arrive in Asia I will be a zombie for a day so I want to stay busy
until bedtime. Go to the gym, walk around and explore near the hotel,
and anything else I can do to stay awake until nighttime. I have a
much better chance at sleeping the first night if I do these things.

The next cheapest flight was a China Airlines flight arriving earlier
in the day priced near $900. Also listed was a flight on EVA Air for
over $1000. I have flown them a few times and like the airline so I
decided to go to the EVA Air web site to see what prices they have.

This work computer couldn't handle the front page of EVA Air so I went
to the multi-stop page, selected July 19th as the departure date to
HKG and leaving the 24th to Taipei. The third leg is Taipei to LAX on
the 26th. Quite often doing a multi-city can escalate the cost many
hundreds of dollars, but not this time. Total cost with taxes in
economy LAX-HKG-TPE-LAX only $881.28. In Elite Class the fare jumps
too $1801.28, which really isn't that bad considering the extra leg
room and other perks.

I might just do this!

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